Why did you make a game about a game that was actually about a girl game?

A mysterious and hilarious game about an adorable little girl has gone viral on social media.

Yahoo has been playing around with a new kind of mobile game called Rocket Girl that uses a unique blend of cute characters and platforming elements to help kids with special needs play.

The game is currently only available in the US but you can find it on Google Play for a discounted price of $3.99.

Youtube channel The Game Project has a video which shows the game in action.

The video, titled “My First Rocket Girl Game”, shows the simple gameplay and has gone over well on social networks, with many praising the game for its quirky humor.

You can watch the video above, or view it below:The video starts with a cute little girl named Kara, who is having trouble finding her way around her room.

She says, “I need to go find a way to get away from this house”.

The girl is then greeted by a mysterious robot called The Rocket Girl who offers her a ride home.

Kara is happy to accept and begins to explore the house, but before long The Rocket Boy comes and blocks Kara from going any further.

The Rocket Girl is happy for her reward and goes to look for her way back to the house.

The rocket girl’s house is empty but Kara decides to go explore her room, but when she walks inside her room a boy, who looks very much like the Rocket Girl, shows up.

The boy introduces himself as a “Rocket Boy”, and explains that Kara will be “coming home” in about 15 minutes.

“We’re going to make you feel like you’re a part of our little world.

Kara has an accident and has to go through a robot rescue to get home,” he says.

The girl then heads home, but not before she runs into a group of other Rocket Girls who have been stranded for an hour.

“She’s been trapped in a robot and we’re going with her,” the Rocket Boy says.

“So we’re looking for you guys to come and help us save her,” he adds.

“You’re the only people that we can use for our robot rescue,” the boy says.

Kar tries to escape but the Rocket Girls stop her.

The girl runs back inside and looks around the house for her father.

The story then picks up again, but this time Kara is able to save her father, who has been stranded since he was 10.

“That’s my daddy,” the father says.

“He’s going to be okay.”

A few minutes later Kara and the Rocket Boys return to their room.

“I just came back from my little robot rescue mission,” the dad says.

A short while later, the Rocket girls have returned to the home and Kara is happy.

“I’m glad that my father is safe.

He’s been hiding in a room in a building,” she says.