Bears beat Eagles, win NFC West title

The Chicago Bears beat the Philadelphia Eagles 24-14 today in their first meeting of the season.

The game started off slowly, with the Eagles running away with the ball and forcing the Bears to punt three times before the Bears scored touchdowns in the fourth quarter.

The Eagles had two punts on the game-winning field goal.

The Bears offense had two turnovers, but they were able to hold on and eventually take the lead with 3:42 left.

The Bears offense went on to score on their first drive of the fourth, a 27-yard pass from Jay Cutler to Alshon Jeffery.

After a quick hitch on the punt return, the Bears punted.

It was a turnover to the Bears.

The Eagles led for most of the first half, but it wasn’t until the Bears defense forced the Eagles into a turnover at the Bears 23 with 1:03 left in the third quarter that they took the lead.

The defensive back intercepted Cutler on the return to the Philadelphia 1.

The score was 28-14 after one quarter, but the Bears led 34-21 at halftime.

It seemed like the game was over before it started, but after the Bears took the ball back, the Eagles forced a fumble at their 34 with 1 minute, 44 seconds left.

The Chicago offense went ahead on a touchdown run with 2:40 left in regulation and then another score on a 2-yard run by Alshons Jeffery with 1 minutes, 45 seconds left in overtime.

The game was tied at 34.