Amazon: Mahjong Games will not make games for Amazon video game platform

Amazon has taken the wraps off a new game for the Amazon Video Game platform, with the developers announcing plans to release its own video game based on the game.

Amazon’s first video game for its video platform will be called Mahokong Games, the developers have announced.

The game will be released for iOS and Android, and will be developed by Amazon Studios.

The developers say it will not be a cross platform game.

The team behind the game say that the game will work well on both iOS and the Amazon Fire TV.

Mahokung Games will be a cooperative game, meaning players will be able to play against each other in local multiplayer or online mode.

Players can expect to play through the game on a variety of platforms, including the Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire tablet, Fire smartphone, Fire smartwatch, Fire HDTV, Fire Pro, Fire mobile, Fire PC, Fire phone, and Fire HDX.

The Fire TV and Fire TV+ will not support multiplayer, and the Fire Stick will not have an online mode that can support multiplayer.

Players can download the game to their Fire TV or Fire TV+, and the app will be available for download on Amazon’s mobile app.

Mahkokong Games will also include a multiplayer mode, which is available on both the iOS and Amazon mobile apps.

The multiplayer mode will not require an Amazon account.

The developers of the game have said that they plan to launch a multiplayer online mode for the game in the future, and that it will also be available on Amazon FireTV, but they did not give an exact release date for the multiplayer mode.