What do you think about Facebook’s plan to give away $100 million to the food bank?

Posted February 20, 2018 05:23:51Facebook is promising to give the food banks of all sizes $100M to use as they choose to use it, a move that the company says could save as many as 30,000 people a year from hunger.

But the initiative, called Feeding America, is the latest sign that Facebook is moving beyond the idea of “social responsibility” to a more altruistic approach to philanthropy.

For years, Facebook has focused on social media and advertising in order to attract attention to its services.

But the company has also made a series of moves to encourage people to give back.

The Facebook group “Giving Back” offers users a way to share their ideas about philanthropy on the social networking site, with members encouraged to make a donation to a cause they think would benefit others.

In the past year, Facebook expanded the list of groups it supports with more than 300.

Some of those include charities working to end hunger, help children and the elderly, and tackle climate change.

Other new groups include the “Hands on Hunger” initiative, which focuses on encouraging people to donate their hands and feet, and the “Help Me Eat” initiative that gives people a way for them to share tips on how to cook healthy meals.

The initiative is now open to all Facebook members, but only if they have already made a donation.

The Facebook group has now reached more than 3 million members.

Some of the food groups that have made donations include the Salvation Army, The Salvation Army’s Feeding the Hungry, the World Wildlife Fund, the Salvation and Refugee Coalition, and Feeding Hands.

Some food groups are looking to make donations to other food groups and charities as well.

A group called “The Salvation Army: Give to the World” has reached out to Food Bank America for help with distributing free meals to the hungry in South Africa, where the group recently announced it will distribute 1 million meals this month.

“We are grateful for the support of Food Bank USA, and look forward to working together to reach our goals,” the group wrote in a blog post.

“Feeding the hungry has a huge impact on people’s lives, and we are working hard to help them.”

Food Bank America also has a similar initiative, The Hunger Fund, that helps people in the United States and around the world donate food, clothing, toys, and other items to local charities.

The group said it will give away 100,000 items, but declined to give a breakdown of the money it will donate.

Facebook is not the only social network trying to promote giving.

The Giving Pledge, an online pledge from Facebook to all its users, has more than 100 million members, and is used by celebrities, corporations and universities.

But Facebook is now making an even bigger effort, promising to match donations to non-profits that use the pledge to make money.

Facebook has also pledged to make an additional $1 billion available for non-profit organizations that use its “Community Goals” feature, a feature that allows users to share how much money they are donating to specific charitable causes.

The $1.3 billion Facebook is pledging to match all of the $1 Billion is part of a broader $5 billion fund that Facebook announced in January, including $250 million in donations from Facebook users.

The social networking giant has made a lot of noise about giving back over the past few years, including the $10 billion it announced in 2017 to help low-income families and communities in India.

But it has also spent billions on advertising and advertising and other initiatives to encourage more people to participate in its platform.