New ‘Shakers’ trailer gets a thumbs-up from gamers

“Shakers” is a fun, addictive game about a bunch of dudes and their shakers.

And while I love “Shaker” as a movie, “Shaking” is also a game that I’ve been meaning to play since I was little.

But I never had the chance to.

Now, I can.

And I’m not talking about the shaker-like gameplay in the game.

This is the game I really wanted.

It’s just the game that’s been sitting in my drawer for the past few years, waiting for me to finally get it.

And now, it’s finally here.

“Shake ‘Em Up,” an upcoming game from studio Shaker Games, is the brainchild of former video game writer and game developer Kevin Rector, who has been working on Shakers for over a year now.

I caught up with Rector during a recent conference call to discuss the game’s design and what we can expect in the future.

Rector, whose work has appeared in IGN, Kotaku, and the likes, explained how the game came to be.

Rector was working as a freelance writer for games at the time, but after seeing “The Shaper” he realized that there was a need for a game about the idea of the game world.

“I was like, I need to write about the world of games, so I started writing about the mechanics of games,” he said.

The idea of having this game about game mechanics was something he was really passionate about, so when Shaker got interested in making the game, they had a big idea for it.

It was originally going to be about one dude who gets an axe and then all these other dudes start trying to take him down.

But then they realized there were so many other dudes who would also want to do the same thing.

They figured if we had this game with this other dude, they would get along and they could all be good dudes.

And they did.

And so they decided to make a sequel.

They had a lot of fun with it.

Rectors next project, “The Great Shaker,” was a multiplayer first-person shooter game where the game mode was to play as one of the dudes fighting other dudes.

“Great Shaker” is due out this month, but Rector said he’s working on other projects now that he has the time.

“A lot of the things that I’m working on right now are going to probably be done in the next few months,” he told me.

I’m not sure what that means, but it certainly feels like it.

“It’s a really cool feeling,” Rector added.

“There’s a feeling of excitement that comes from doing something you love and you’re excited about, and then there’s a sense of accomplishment.”