When Flash Games finally get an update

A new version of Flash Games is due to hit the Wii U this month.

The company’s latest update, released on Friday, gives developers more control over what the software is able to do.

It also removes a lot of the features that users are used to seeing.

Flash Games update: How to install the latest version Flash Games has always had a rather dark and ugly history with the WiiU, but this latest update will help to turn things around.

Flash is still not the best video game emulation platform on the market, but the latest update is much more robust.

There are now options to enable or disable advanced features, as well as a full fix for an issue with some games not working correctly.

Flash now lets developers create custom games that can be played in a number of ways, including a standalone game that’s just like the one that’s currently in the game.

The update adds a few other minor tweaks to the game, too.

You can now enable “Gamepad control” in the settings menu, and it lets you disable the Wii Remote’s GamePad controls.

The gamepad can also now be used for online play.

There’s also a new option to disable Wii MotionPlus, the “Motion Controller support for remote play”, which was a big disappointment when the Wii came out.

The new update also adds a couple of other things that we think are worth mentioning.

You now can set your game to download on the go.

Instead of downloading to the Wii’s internal storage when you launch the game on the console, Flash now automatically downloads to your external storage when the game is launched.

It’s also possible to turn off Gamepad and Wii Motion control, and to enable “Use gamepad as joystick” in-game options.

The developer has also included a few bug fixes.

It looks like the game has been improved on both the hardware and software front.

This is likely because the Wii was the first game console to come with a built-in wireless charging system.

You should also note that the game’s update comes with a free download code to download the latest patch, as it’s free for everyone to download.

If you haven’t already, go ahead and download the update, as soon as it goes live.

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