What’s on in the NFL today?

The NFL has a lot to look forward to, but the rest of us will be able to watch the playoffs, with the Browns and Eagles set to face off Sunday night.

The first two games of the conference championship series between the two teams have been postponed. 

But the first two weeks of the NFL regular season are on hold until next year’s start of the postseason. 

The Browns, who won the AFC North last season, will play the Jets on Saturday in Minneapolis. 

A week later, the Eagles will travel to Tampa Bay for a Thursday night matchup against the Bucs. 

And the Giants will visit Washington, D.C., on Sunday for a rematch of their NFC East title game win against the Bears.

The Browns and Jets have been scheduled to play in the playoffs in 2017, but that was before the Jets and Eagles were forced to cancel the game due to weather. 

On Sunday, the Jets host the Cowboys for a 6:05 p.m.

ET kickoff at MetLife Stadium. 

Then, the Browns host the Colts at 8:05 a.m., with the game being played at 8 p.t. 

That’s a four-hour delay for the game. 

All told, the games will be delayed by four hours and 22 minutes. 

In total, the delay is expected to be a total of 14 minutes.

The teams will play three games over the next seven days. 

It’s been an awkward week for fans of the teams, who have had to watch their team lose its division title game against the Jets. 

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam had to take out a commercial for the Jaguars game on his phone while trying to call Browns players during the delay. 

(Via The Associated Press) The game was postponed because of the weather.

The game is postponed for the remainder of the regular season and will be played at 1:05 pm ET on Sunday.

The Browns and the Jets are scheduled to meet for the first time in the regular-season finale on Sunday at 1 p.r.m (ET). 

(AP Photo/Gregory Bull)The Browns are scheduled for a late-spring schedule in 2018, but a game will not be played on March 11 because of a winter storm. 

After missing the playoffs the last two years due to the weather, the organization is set to host a spring game on March 1.

The NFL is still searching for a new home for its regular season games. 

If it chooses to relocate, the first game will be held in London, England, on April 4. 

Since the NFL is a sports league that is not affected by natural disasters, there is no need to play a game in New York City because the city has enough games scheduled for that date. 

There are also no plans to relocate games for the 2020 season.