How to Get Away with a Pizzagate PizzaGate Story without Getting Arrested

It may be a great way to pass the time in the dark while you wait for the pizza to come out, but what if you can get away with a pizzagate pizza?

That’s the premise of a new book that’s getting buzz online, and it’s a little scary.

Pizzagate, the latest buzz word of 2016, is a conspiracy theory involving a fictional restaurant in Washington, DC, and its owner, David Brock.

The restaurant has long been linked to Brock, who founded a political consulting firm, Correct the Record, in the 1990s.

The book, titled Pizzagates: The Secret History of the PizzaGate Case, claims that Brock and the restaurant’s owner, Andrew Puzder, ran a pizza chain called The Comet Ping Pong, a restaurant with a history of pedophilia, in Washington DC.

Puzder and Brock have been under fire for their role in the establishment of the Comet PingPong in 2017.

Brock’s name has been removed from the restaurant in the past.

The Comet Pingpong restaurant is currently under investigation by the FBI and the Justice Department over the restaurant and its owners.

The Washington Post reported in November that investigators were looking into allegations of child sex abuse in the restaurant.

The investigation is ongoing.