Game of Thrones fans are going bananas on Game of the Year

A group of Game of The Year-winning gamers in Australia has been making fun of their favourite show on social media.

The ‘Game of the Years’ meme, which features players dressed up in Game of thrones-themed costumes, has seen thousands of tweets being sent in the past week.

But there’s one person who seems to have caught the attention of the group.

The Game of Thrones fan who has been known as TheMightyGamer says he was not aware of the meme until now.

“I’ve been around the block a lot.

I have no idea,” he said.”

It’s probably the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.”

A group of fans has started a new trend in Australia, using their social media to mock the Game of Kings in the series, ‘Game’ in Australia.

“TheMighty Gamer was probably the first one I saw that actually looked at the series and thought ‘oh yeah, this looks like a lot of fun’.”

He’s not the only person who is into the Game Of Thrones meme.

TheMillionaireGamingGuy also enjoys the show.

“For me, it’s like watching a lot more Game of War movies and watching more Game Of War TV series,” he says.

“My favourite is probably when the guys were getting dressed up and they got to be a part of the story.”

Game of Thrones fan James Latham is not amused.

“If I’m ever on the show, I’m going to go and dress up as the Lannisters and be their new knight in shining armour and get killed by them,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne’s Game of Night program.

“And I’ve had quite a few people come up to me saying ‘hey, you can’t be on the Game!'”‘

It’s not fair to be treated like a piece of meat’Game of Kings is an animated show that follows a group of men and women who become involved in a medieval battle, in a bid to stop a threat to the monarchy.

The show is a hit on Australian television and is seen by more than 15 million people worldwide.

It is now being made into a film, and there’s talk of the series getting a second series.

But some of the people who have made the meme seem a bit annoyed about the attention.

“This is a very sad day for the Game Thrones fandom, especially in Australia,” the MillionaireGamingguy said.

But he said he enjoyed his part in the show as much as anyone else.

“To be the person who plays a role in saving the kingdom, that’s what I love,” he explained.

“So I can see why people might be offended by that.

It’s not even fair to them.”

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