Papas Games: New Games, New Worlds, New Story

Browns Game (PC) is a new PC game that will feature a team of four young and talented characters fighting the forces of evil.

The title will be released on September 10, and you can check out the trailer below: The game is set in a dystopian future where mankind is forced to create artificial intelligences to fight for its survival.

The protagonists of the game are a group of four girls called The Rose Family, who have been adopted by an artificial intelligence called Rose, and who fight for the protection of their family from the evil forces of the Dark World.

 Players can play the game for free at, and there’s a $9.99 upgrade that will give you access to all five playable characters and an additional story mission, so that’s another $10 in-game currency.

Browns Game is a PC exclusive, so there’s no Xbox One or PlayStation 4 versions available.

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